Finding a Consultant 

If you are interested in using the rhythmic movements for your own part or someone close to you, contact one of our certified consultants

If you can not find someone in your area, please contact us by sending a message, and we can find a consultant undergoing training in your area.

You will have to fill out a form before you arrive. At the first meeting, postural challenges, endurance, coordination and rhythm and reflex activity etc. are examined.

The consultant will give you movements and exercises depending on your goals for the trainnig. They may also help you integrate reflexes in their office, if suitable. These exercises you take home to practice every day until it is time for your revisit.

Some consultants may have consultations by phone or skype before and after the first meeting in case you have questions, or get stuck.

Making rhythmic movements provides an opportunity to discover and create new patterns to balance the body and  strengthen the neurological pathways.