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Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training® in the Netherlands

the original method of Rhythmic Movements from Sweden

Blomberg RMT is a holistic training and treatment method used by people of all ages and functionalities. Developmental, neurological, physical, emotional, mental and cognitive challenges are addressed.  

Stress, attention problems, hyperactivity, autism, dyslexia, motor problems, pain and other issues are improved with this gentle and yet effective form of training.

Treatments and classes in Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training® are given all over the world

Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training is for everyone

De baby is the role model

BRMT is based on the innate rhythmic movements that babies do before walking. Healthy babies who can move and develop at their own pace will perform these movements to provide a stable foundation for their next step of development.

As children move, they develop their motor and sensory skills. These skills support the ability to be balanced and grounded in the body and emotions and get access to their cognitive development.

In the constant discovery and interaction with their environment, children develop speech, language, visual, auditory and cognitive skills. In addition, emotions, self-awareness and motivation continue to develop as they learn to play and cooperate with others.

The necessary milestones in the child's development such as lifting his head, rolling around and crawling usually take place in a certain order. Each skill is based on previous skills. This means that the child must develop basic motor patterns before building more advanced patterns. Some children are in a hurry and skip developmental stages, and others cannot do so for various reasons. It can be injuries, stress or environmental factors during pregnancy, childbirth or later. This affects the continued development and prevents the child from reaching his or her full potential.

The passive rocking and cuddling of the caregivers and the active rhythmic movement patterns that the baby makes stimulate the senses and a functioning muscle tone and support the arousal of the conscious mind. The connection between the body and the brain is supported by the development of new and stronger neurological pathways. The rhythmic baby movements support the development, maturation and integration of the baby reflexes, and supports the awakening of the child's curiosity. In this way, babies become masters of movement as they learn more about themselves and their environment. In a safe, healthy and well-functioning body, further development can be given space.

All rhythmic movements of Blomberg take place lying down, sitting or standing on hands and knees. This supports the development of the neuromotor system without being disturbed by balance problems. They are soft and comfortable to perform. For those who cannot do the moves themselves, they can be passively given.

The rhythmic movements, both passive and active, are beneficial for repetition of the nervous system in later life, if necessary. In a way, rhythmic movement training is a gentle and safe revisit and discovery of early childhood.

The goal of the training

The goal is a better balance and a better flow to the whole body, a normalisation of muscle tone, less stress, tension and pain, better self-regulation, greater ability to focus, remember and become more flexible and stable, both physically, emotionally and mentally.

For some, it may be to be able to start crawling and be able to get up in a standing position on their own.

For others, the goal may be better endurance and being able to sit still and concentrate longer.

Being able to read without pain in the eyes or head, or becoming less shy are other goals, depending on what is bothering someone in life.

Difficulties with coordination, rhythm, balance, fine motor skills and articulation as well as problems with scoliosis, kufoses and rotated pelvis can all be addressed.

In addition to the rhythmic movements, specific isometric exercises and slow conscious movements are used to support body balance and integrate primary reflexes.

Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training is a useful complementary method to other therapies and forms of exercise. It provides a basis for completing developmental stages - which may have been missed due to, birth trauma or due to injury, stress or environmental conditions during pregnancy, childhood or later in life.

The inner and outer Environment. 

Blomberg RMT also highlights the environmental aspects of healing and development. 

During these times it is impossible to ignore the environmental impact on our lives. Stress factors such as toxins, radiation, food and drugs, etc. Affect our health.

The movements have the ability to detoxify the cells due to the improved flow. In order for the training  to have a lasting effect, it is important to support the elimination of toxins and ensure that the individual is getting what they need to stay healthy and build the central nervous system.

Hence, it is necessary to support the elimination of toxins, reduce the demands that burden the system and ensure that the individual is getting proper nutrition, fresh air, sunlight and rest, and so on.

Any behavioral, emotional or physical challenge will benefit if exercise is complemented with these environmental aspects to support a healthy lifestyle.

The rhythmic movements are for all ages

Experience the Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training for yourself or your child to benefit from movement integration through private sessions or training. 

Contact a licensed Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training Instructor or Consultant. 

The BRMT movements are effective in babies, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. Since the 1980s, when the concept was first developed from the work of Kerstin Linde, the BRMT community has been constantly innovating and adapting to new scientific insights in the field of healthcare. 

This holistic approach offers many possibilities that go beyond rhythmic movements and the integration of reflexes.