Dr. Harald Blomberg

Dr. Harald Blomberg (1943-2020)

Harald Blomberg 1943 - 2020
Dr. Harald Blomberg received his doctorate in medicine in Sweden in 1971. He decided to enter the field of psychiatry. In 1975 he was part of a group of scientists studying Soviet psychology and psychiatry, which resulted in numerous published articles and a book on his experiences. In 1982 Dr. Blomberg completed his specialist training and started working as a psychiatric consultant at a psychiatric outpatient clinic.

In 1984 Dr. Blomberg participates in a two-year training program in clinical hypnosis. Teachers included several prominent UK and US clinical hypnotists. Peter Blythe, founder of The Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP), was one of the foremost teachers of hypnosis. In addition to hypnosis courses, Dr. Blomberg a course on primary reflexes and learning disabilities. 

In 1985 Dr. Blomberg to Kerstin Linde, a therapist and former photographer. Inspired by the movements her own babies made before learning to walk, she had developed rhythmic movements. She successfully treated children and adults with severe neurological and developmental problems, as well as physical disabilities. Dr. Blomberg himself had motor problems caused by polio in his youth and he became her patient. He was greatly helped by the movements. 

Kerstin Linde's treatment method had a strong impact on Dr. Blomberg and he asked if he could follow her work, which she generously allowed. He followed Kerstin for three years in the years 1985-1987 and saw with his own eyes the remarkable progress her clients made in a relatively short time. 

Fascinated by the results of the training, he began to use the method on his own patients with mental illness. He also saw significant improvements in it. They became clearer in consciousness and especially became calmer and more social with a significantly improved quality of life. It became clear to Harald that the rhythmic movements stimulate the brain, allowing more connections to be made between different parts and levels of the central nervous system. He was allowed to explain the method theoretically using anatomy and physiology and theories about reflexes, our senses and our nervous system. 

Dr. Blomberg explains that spontaneous rhythmic movements during the first years are fundamental to further development and maturity, physically, emotionally and mentally. The baby movements lay the foundation for proper muscle tone and coordination of movements, emotions, visual and auditory perception, language development, imagination and memory. Harald continued to develop the method for 35 years until his death. Dr. Blomberg investigated how rhythmic movements have such an effect on the nervous system and on physical, emotional and intellectual development. 

According to Dr. Blomberg, this improvement can be explained by the fact that RMT stimulates our senses and the peripheral nervous system and all flows in the body. The rhythm continues to resonate throughout the body, releasing blockages, increasing stimulus to the central nervous system, increasing the circulation of various body fluids, and improving oxygenation to all parts of the body. He saw many improvements that contradicted all of his medical training and experience. Amazed at the positive effects of these simple movements, Dr. Blomberg to write a book about it. 

He interviewed parents and conducted several case studies of the handicapped children treated by Kerstin Linde. 

In 1986 he introduced Kerstin Linde's rhythmic movements in his clinic for both neurotic and psychotic patients, with excellent results. They even noted an astonishing recovery in some cases of long-term schizophrenia. In 1989 Dr. Blomberg, a private practice, and a colleague invited him to introduce movement training for some critically ill chronic schizophrenic patients, most of whom were hospitalized for ten years or more in the psychiatric hospital where he worked. After two years, a report on this work was drawn up. Reviewers of this report found that 

The study indicates that the patients treated with exercise therapy showed the greatest positive changes ... The changes were reflected, among other things, in the fact that these patients were able to participate more in social activities, participate in occupational therapy and their daily tasks In the district. They had also become more interested in their environment...

 Dr. Blomberg introduced Rhythmic Movement Training at an anthroposophical school for students with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Some students had specific intellectual disabilities, and others were diagnosed with autism or ADD. They found that students with movement disorders, learning disabilities as a result of ADD and with psychosis are the ones who benefit most from Rhythmic Movement training. He advised that people with autism should also heal the 'gut flora', many on a gluten and casein-free diet to avoid unnecessary emotional reactions. 

Until his death in 2020, he headed the Center for Rhythmic Movement Training Solna, Sweden. Here, children and adults are assessed and seen for a variety of challenges, including sensory and motor problems, ADHD, dyslexia, language disorders, delayed language development, Asperger's, autism, cerebral palsy and Parkinson's. Under the guidance of the center's experienced therapists, each client receives an individual exercise program and attends private therapy sessions. Therapy is continued at home individually or with the parent. He met thousands of children and their parents in his private psychiatrist practice. He created a comprehensive course in three levels that spread around the world. 

   In memory of Dr Harald Blomberg                   1943-2020

It is with the deepest regret that we, the international BRMT community, announce the passing of Harald Blomberg, MD on May 24, 2020 in Solna, Sweden of natural causes at 77 years old.

Harald opened up new possibilities with his innovative, holistic therapy, Rhythmic Movement Training, that changed the lives of so many. He was an inspiration for many families, teachers and therapists as he generously shared the insights, knowledge and wisdom he collected on his healing journey through life.

Harald's guiding star and mission in his teaching was to find true healing instead of treating the symptoms. His intertwining of the mind and body, investigating down to the cellular level of the being to treat the whole person, brought a deepened understanding of how to care for each other, our students, our clients and our patients. He brought solutions to problems by investigating new therapy options, products and treatments.

We are grieving Dr. Blomberg's passing and want to express our deepest sympathy to Harald's relatives, friends, and his patients and students all over the world. Harald worked till the end helping people attain sustainable health and wellbeing. He will be dearly missed.

We will continue to operate his company and all its subsidiary endeavors in memory of his kind and gentle spirit.

Suzanne Ekstrand Almli

Majed Khodari
BRMT Chairman of the Board