Autism: A Path To Healing: A Holistic View on Autism, Environmental Factors, Diet and Rhythmic Movement Training.

Autism from a new perspective -  The incidence of autism in young children has radically increased in the past 25 years. This book delves into the scientific research suggesting that the main cause of disorders on the autistic spectrum are environmental factors. Among these factors are heavy metals, vaccinations and electromagnetic radiation from cordless technology. Scientific studies confirm that autism is not an inherited genetic disorder but rather a disease caused by environmen­tal factors triggering inflammation in the brain especially the cerebellum, limbic system and neocortex causing the typical symptoms involved in the diagnoses. Dr. Blomberg describes the steps that can be taken to heal, which begins with managing the inflamma­tory process of the gut and the brain. This can be achieved with a proper diet, a heavy metal cleanse, removing electromagnetic radiation and then implementing Blomberg RMT, which is a method described in the book, and based on the innate, spontaneous, developmental infant movements. Since each child reacts differently to the environmental causes, this process is highly individualized. The book addresses parents of children on the autistic spectrum who are searching for ways to help their child other than those offered by everyday medicine. It also addresses parents of children with ADD, ADHD, learning difficulties and epilepsy, as these problems are also caused by environmental factors. For these parents and children, the path to healing begins right here.

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